Marketing to Moms? You May Want to Read This!

If local moms represent a large portion of your target audience, it may be time to consider going social. According to a study by eMarketer, approximately 82% of mom Internet users will be on a social network in 2012. In addition, moms are more likely than the general population to “like” brands on Facebook!

Which Types of Social Media Influence Moms?

A study by Totsy revealed that online product reviews had the greatest influence on moms, followed by the opinion of their friends online. Blogs and social media buzz about products and services also played a role in influencing purchase decisions by moms online.

  • 49.5% of moms are influenced by online reviews
  • 20.7% by opinions of their friends
  • 18.3% by blogs
  • 11.5% by social media buzz about a product or service

Reach More Moms!

If moms represent a portion of your target audience, it’s time to go social! From plastic surgeons to dentists to pediatric medical groups, the list is endless. Reach on-the-go moms where they’re already present — on social networks! Being proactive on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ allows you to put the information about your procedures and treatments in front of moms, share deals and special offers, make practice announcement, plus much more!

Don’t have the time to be consistent with social media?

At MyAdvice, we’ll launch and manage your entire social media campaign, sending out frequent status updates and blog posts to grow your network of patients. Contact us to get started!

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