Exploring Lesser-Known Social Media Sites

Social media is ever-changing. Aside from Facebook and Twitter, recently, other social media sites have been gaining popularity. Opening accounts on lesser-known social media sites can help a business improve profits because it is nearly impossible to predict what site will become the next trend in social media. The more popular networks like Facebook, Google and Twitter have gained popularity among doctors and their practices. Here’s a look into lesser known social media that might just be the next big thing in social media marketing.

Vine is an app available for download on the iPhone and iPad where 6-second videos of content are shared. You can record, stop and edit short clips together with capability for audio. Six seconds may not seem like a lot, but with shortened attention spans, it is impressive how much information can be transmitted in such a short time frame. The app is designed to replay videos on a loop for however long someone views it on their screen. Once the user scrolls past the video, a new one starts. Doctors can record quick videos demonstrating exercises, how to wrap bandages or other actions that may be difficult to describe on paper.

Tumblr is a blogging platform with an emphasis on re-blogging posts, pictures, videos, quotes and links. Medical practices can post short videos, pictures and blog content. Users who follow your practice are likely to re-blog your original posts and help your profile to gain popularity.

Instagram has over 200 million active users. In this app, a user can follow many different people ranging from friends to famous actors to their favorite businesses. Instagram is strictly for posting pictures and videos. A business can create an Instagram account under their company name, and include location and specialty in the biography section. Photos on Instagram have editing features to make photos look more interesting through the use of filters.  People can like the pictures and leave comments on them.

Medical Social Media Marketing

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