Doctors And Transparency On Social Media

Transparency, in all its varying degrees, is a hot topic of discussion among physicians. The world of social media places a high premium on transparency. If a doctor wants to become popular on social media and grow their practice, they must be transparent.

Transparency Goes A Long Way

  • Great doctors don’t shy away from showing their human side to their patients. If you want to be a great doctor and not just ‘a doctor’, you have to show transparency when you are with your patients. You actually don’t have a say in the matter anymore. If you do not come out with information yourself, someone else will. Online reviews systems have made sure of that. A bad review on the Internet from a disgruntled patient can be devastating to your practice. The only way to prevent the same is by being forthcoming.
  • Scarcity marketing does not work anymore. There are many good doctors now which means, the era of scarcity marketing is over. Patients can pick and choose which doctor they want to go to. If one does not render satisfying service, they switch their allegiance to another. Patients don’t want just doctors anymore; they are looking for dynamic, personable individuals who are incidentally doctors. So, physicians who share information on themselves such as their hobbies, practice philosophy, views on topics like politics, abortion and even religion and do it in public through blogs or websites will draw the most attention.
  • Other doctors are already doing it and benefiting from it. Take the example of Dr. Kevin Pho, a Nashua based internist. He started a blog in 2004 to discuss the latest medical developments. Fast forward to 2015, his website attracts more than 310,000 page views each month. It is less about what you are and more about who you are. Patients want doctors they can relate to and not a work drone, who just writes prescriptions. Do not be afraid to engage with your patients on Twitter, Facebook, your website or blog.
  • Static websites don’t work anymore. Static websites don’t add much value. Modern websites should be engaging, encouraging patients to interact with the doctor and staff. Such activities not only reveal that you are willing to engage with your patients but also show them that you care.

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