3 Easy Ways to Increase your Social Media Following by Email

Despite what some folks are saying, email is NOT dead—nor is social media replacing email. In fact, email is still considered one of the most powerful—and cost efficient—online marketing strategies today. And, if used together, email and social media marketing can work to build a loyal and interactive network that will foster patient communication, establish trusting relationships and build a vast referral network. Sounds great, right? First, you must know that there is a reasonable amount of effort involved!

Here are 3 ways to get started:

  1. Reach out to your network: Having trouble establishing a social media following? Send out an email to your network. Who better to turn to than those who already know and support your practice? Colleagues, patients, family and friends are a great start! But, make sure you add value. Instead of asking them to Like your Facebook Page and follow your Twitter account, share what’s in it for them! What will your status updates provide them? What can they get from your Page that they can’t get anywhere else?Perhaps you plan to provide exclusives offers and news to your social networks. Tell them they’ll be the first to know!
  2. Add social icons to your subscription form: Make it easy to find your social media links by putting them on your email subscription page. If patients are interested enough to opt-in to your email blasts, chances are they’d be glad to follow your social networks!
  3. Add social icons to your email signature as an additional call to action: Use every email you send as marketing opportunity! Add social icons to your personal accounts as an additional call–to-action under your email signature. Also, be sure to integrate icons into any email marketing blasts you send.


Social Media and Email Marketing for Doctors

Social media and email marketing complement each other well. These are just three easy ways to get you started! Don’t have time to plan? Let MyAdvice help—from email and social media marketing, to search engine optimization and search engine marketing, we specialize in marketing healthcare practices online! Contact us for more information.

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