Turning Satisfied Patients into “Brand Advocates”

Recently, Forbes.com published a fantastic article on the topic of Social Media Marketing. Offering advice for turning clients into “Brand Advocates,” the article reminds us that, “Highly-satisfied customers are a secret marketing weapon for companies, whether they are retailers, manufacturers or in the service industry.”


Borrowing from Forbes, here are a few important tips, along with our thoughts on the matter:


  • “Turn advocates into content creating machines.” When patients are happy, they are more than willing to share their experiences with others – if they’re pointed in the right direction. Make sure you’re giving your satisfied patients opportunities to talk about your practice. For instance, you can ask them to review your practice online or you can ask them for a testimonial for your website.
  • “Leverage content.” As Forbes explains, “Advocate-generated content is digital gold. Don’t keep this treasure buried in your backyard.” Be sure you’re syndicating content to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and your practice website! It doesn’t cost you anything, and it increases your reach and amplitude.
  • “Keep advocacy authentic.” “…Studies show prospects are actually less likely to buy the recommended product if they learn that the recommender was given an incentive.” Be sure your reviews and recommendations are being generated organically. It will help your credibility and make the content more impactful.

Medical Social Media Management

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