Why Am I Not Ranking?

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We’re big believers that search engine ranking isn’t the best indicator of your website health. There are plenty of metrics that demonstrate quality traffic reaching your site that have nothing to do with ranking. But we understand that its tough to see your competitors’ websites above your own in the search results.

To give you a better understanding of why this may be the case, consider these five factors that affect keyword rankings:

1. Website Design – Do you have a mobile-friendly website? Google’s algorithm increasingly favors websites with responsive designs. Page loading speeds and security have also become somewhat important. The good news is that all of these components are within your control!

2. Domain Age – Websites that have existed for years have had ample time to establish their reputations. Younger websites… not so much. Search engines are cautious of SEO’s that use questionable methods to boost rankings, many of whom launch new domains frequently. In this case, higher rankings come with time.

3. Location – Most searches are based on the nearest major city. The farther away your business is located from the city center, the more difficult it’ll be to rank above businesses within city limits. Our digital marketing specialists can do whatever they can to attract traffic from city-specific searches, but your physical address speaks loudest.

4. On-site blogs – Fresh content on your website effectively boosts rankings. Google recognizes experts in their fields by increasing appearances in the search results. You’ll also have many opportunities to (naturally) include more keywords on your website. 

5. Social media posts – Most social media activity has a minor effect on search results… except Google+. Local businesses with Google+ pages get a boost from Google as they show in Google Maps. When it comes to other social media platforms and rankings, the smallest component could make the difference. Posting on your Business Pages provides quality links back to your website and helps establish your website reputation.

Your website may be affected by just a few or all of these keyword ranking factors. Again, keep in mind that ranking doesn’t matter as much as other organic search metrics. But if you’d like to address these possible issues, touch base with your Customer Success Coordinator to discuss how your website can improve.

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