How to Make Your Website More Google-Friendly

You may be wondering why you need to optimize your website for search engines, and even further, why you should turn to an experienced company for help. Due to Google’s constant updates and algorithm tweaks, it’s important to know what makes your website “Google-friendly” and how to implement frequent changes to stay afloat.

Early in 2011, Google announced the rollout of changes to their search results ranking algorithm, called the Google Panda Updates. Since, Google has made many updates designed to penalize websites with weak content and low quality backlinks, and reward sites with unique content and high quality backlinks.

How Do you Get on Google’s Good Side?

According to the infographic below by, here are a few ways to get on Google’s good side:

  1. Create Original and High-Quality Content
  2. Get Rid of Low Quality pages
  3. Avoid Duplicate Content
  4. Become an Authority
  5. Promote Unique Content on Social Networks
  6. Improve Bounce Rate
  7. Improve User Experience
  8. Use language that sounds natural and edit pages that break this rule
  9. Vary Anchor Text – Use 5-10 different keywords and alternate between them
  10. Focus on High Quality Backlinks, especially if you only have low quality ones

MyAdvice’s SEO Solution

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