PPC 102: What to Expect from Your PPC Campaign

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Now that we’ve given you the scoop about pay-per-click, let’s delve into some details about what to expect from the PPC process. Regrettably, it’s not as easy as clicking the Google “Promote” button and inputting your business and website information. (Hint: There is no Google “Promote” button.) It takes some time and effort from your PPC analyst to create a PPC campaign that rocks!

We’ll do the heavy lifting, but we definitely want you to be in the know about a few PPC quirks that we might mention during your campaign. Here are five things to consider from the start:

How to think about your target audience – While you may want to attract a broad audience to visit your website, PPC sometimes needs to be more specific. If you’re interested in building your brand, the broad audience appeal still applies. However if you’re looking for more conversions, ads need to target a narrower audience. We want your potential customers to click when they’re just about ready to schedule an appointment for your advertised service or promotion. You’ll have more qualified leads and, ultimately, conversions. And why waste your money on a click that’s not likely to lead to more revenue for your business?!

Varying costs per click for your campaign – If you’ve ever tried to understand a Google Quality Score, you know that it’s tough! Variables like keyword relevancy, landing page quality, click-through-rate, and historical performance all contribute to your score, which in turn determines your cost per click. Plus, there’s an ongoing bidding process for your chosen keywords. But in general, a high Google Quality Score will help lower your total campaign cost.

Creativity with keywords – You may have been using the same keywords on your website for years. But unless you want to pay top dollar for your exact keywords, our team needs to get creative. How can we attract your target audience without using obvious terms? Not to worry! We have plenty of experience thinking outside the box.

Allowing sufficient time for setup – Creating a quality user experience takes time. We need to get inside the head of your potential customer. What are they going to type into the search bar? What images should be on your landing page? What information needs to be included? We’ll choose the keywords (broad match, exact match, and phrase match) and create a landing page that convinces your potential customers that you’re the healthcare provider for them.

Edits throughout the campaign – We’ll check your campaign throughout the process to make sure it’s performing well. If we need to make adjustments, we will! When certain keywords are bringing in tons of traffic or not enough traffic, we’ll shift our approach to attract the most clicks. Don’t be surprised if the details change before your next phone call. It’s all in an effort to maximize your return on investment by the end of your campaign.

Communication is key throughout this process. We’ll keep you informed, and we’re here to answers any questions you may have. Let us know!

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