How to Properly Handle Negative Online Reviews

For the medical industry in particular, online patient reviews of your practice are an essential part of establishing brand awareness, reputation and your SEO ranking strategy.

By encouraging your patients to write unbiased reviews about their experiences at your practice, you’re accomplishing a number of different things to further your business.

But what if a negative online review or blog post from a dissatisfied patient puts your practice’s reputation in danger?

It’s important to know the appropriate steps to take when you feel as though you’ve been unfairly judged online. American Medical News explains in detail the appropriate steps to take in this situation and why taking legal action may not be your wisest decision.

First, determine if the post is “defamatory” to you or your practice. If it is, you can legally find out who is behind the post, and contact them to politely request them to take it down before having to resort to the more drastic step of taking legal action against them.

American Medical News explains that “suing over negative posts is typically a last resort,” although there are some doctors’ with success stories. Read about two doctors whose reputations were nearly destroyed and later went on to win online defamation lawsuits.

Click here to learn ways to prevent and handle negative online comments and reviews from patients, as well as ways to boost your practice’s online reputation.


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