Encouraging Your Patients to Leave Reviews

Online patient reviews are very important. Many prospective patients first check online reviews of your practice provided by your patients before they decide to associate with you. People consider reviews to be unbiased opinions and put a lot of weight on it before making any decision. Therefore, it is  essential that you not only get reviews from your patients, but also positive ones. The more positive reviews you get, the more visibility your practice will have across the web.

Getting Positive Reviews from Your Patients

  • Ask your patients, especially loyal ones, for reviews. One of the easiest ways to get reviews is to ask for them. Concentrate on patients that have been with you for a long time and who are pleased with your care. These are the ones who are more likely to give you good reviews. You may ask them when they come to visit you the next time, and can follow up afterwards through an e-mail reminder.
  • Give your patients the best care possible. This is the only way that you will actually be able to get positive reviews. Unless your patients are happy with the way you have treated them, they will be reluctant to write any positive comments. On the other hand, just treating them right will usually be sufficient for them to give you good reviews.
  • Make it easy for your patients to review. Once you ask your patients to review and after they agree, you have to make it easy for them to leave an online review. Send them one link by email. You may have listed your practice in multiple places but asking your patients to leave a review on all of them is a recipe for disaster.

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