49% of People Have Recommended a Dentist or Doctor to Others

A recent survey by Bright Local studied “Local Consumer Reviews,” focusing on the likelihood of consumers to recommend a local business. The survey touched upon important questions including:

  • What types of businesses are consumers likely to recommend?
  • Which factors make consumers more likely to recommend a local business to others?

Key Findings for Health Professionals

The survey found about half (49%) of people have recommended doctors and dentists to other based on good or bad experiences, making doctors and dentists the second most popular category for recommendations, after restaurants and cafes.

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Provide Patients an Experience to Recommend!

The survey also dug deeper into what makes consumers more likely to recommend a local business.

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Based on the findings above, here on some suggestions for your practice:

  • Be Available, Reliable & Professional. Be known as reliable to your patients. Answer the phone. Have flexible office hours. Send patients reminders for upcoming appointments, and be on time for appointments. Also follow up with patients after appointments to see how they’re doing and ask for feedback on their experience with your practice.
  • Have a Friendly Staff. We know things can get hectic at a healthcare practice, but urge your staff to be friendly and welcoming to all patients, as this is one of the most important factors to encourage positive recommendations.
  • Provide a Unique Experience. What makes your practice unique? Do you have computers, tablets or televisions in the waiting area for patients to use? Do you use modern technology to be more interactive when explaining conditions and treatments to patients? Provide an experience patients will remember and talk about weeks after leaving your office!
  • Share a Special Offer. Perhaps the latest and most popular trend is using social media and online efforts to promote special offers and discounts to reach more patients. New Facebook features make creating and promoting special offers simple and effective. Learn more about these features.
  • Go Social! Joining social networks is a great way to reach new and existing patients and to help establish a vast patient-to-patient referral network. With social media, you can to share interesting and relevant information, discuss hot topics and answer patients’ questions to help grow your network.

Patient referrals are the best source of business for many doctors and dentists. Whether it be by word-of-mouth, on review websites or using social media, patients are likely to speak out when they’ve had an overly positive (or negative) experience.


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