Three Ways Patient Portal Integration Can Help You

Patient portals provide an excellent platform for patient engagement. The benefits of patient portals are maximized when they are integrated with electronic health record systems, making it easier for the medical professionals to access and manage patient records without compromising them. While most medical professionals are struggling to get their patients to sign into their portals, others have successfully interacting with patients through them.

Benefits of Patient Portal Integration

Patient portal integration offers many benefits to both healthcare providers and patients. Here are some of them.

  • Saves time and money. One of the major advantages of patient portal integration is for healthcare administrators, who can save overhead costs for the organization by making it easier to record, store and manage healthcare records electronically, thus reducing the time and costs involved in managing paper documents.
  • Provides easy access to patient records. Both doctors and patients can easily access healthcare records at any time, using a computer or even a mobile app. Doctors can save a lot of time during consultation and analysis by accessing all relevant patient reports and details online using a secure login. Patients will also be able to access their entire healthcare history at that particular organization and also their consultation and treatment with a specific medical professional.
  • Simplifying workflow. Doctors can save a lot of time retrieving and accessing patient details without wasting any time or going through any complex procedures for accessing sensitive patient information. All they would need is a secure login credentials that allow doctors and select authorities to access encrypted patient details. Patient portal integration also makes it easier for doctors to access the patients’ entire health care history.

Integrating patient portals with the organizations’ electronic health system also allows patients to download and transmit their healthcare information to anyone they want.

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