What Can Press Releases Do for You?

Think press releases are reserved only for politicians, celebrities and Fortune 500 companies? Think again!

Historically, a press release served one purpose — to notify the press of a newsworthy event, in the hopes of garnering newspaper, radio and television coverage. In today’s world, it’s not quite that simple.

Internet and search engine technology have completely changed the way that press releases are created, syndicated and used on the web. What was once a channel only for a select few has become an effective and affordable way to publicize even the smallest medical practice.

Here are a few ways that press releases can enhance your online visibility:

  • Syndication: Everyone — not just members of the news media — can come across your press release in search engines. But, since it is a press release after all, there’s always a chance that your release will be picked up by the media.
  • Backlinks: Your press release will include valuable and permanent backlinks to your website. In the eyes of Google, these are essentially “votes” that can help you rank better with the search engine.
  • Keyword-rich content: Unique, keyword-rich press release content can increase your chances of appearing for a variety of search results.

So, want to find out what makes a good press release? Read on.


Strong Press Release Topics for Medical Practices

What hasn’t changed about the modern press release is the need to keep it relevant! Press releases are often reviewed by an independent editorial team to ensure that they are “newsworthy.” But, your press release should be fresh and new, not only to make it past editorial approval, but because newsworthy press releases are better press releases. This means more reads, more clicks and more credibility.

Looking for inspiration? Here are a few strong press release topics for medical practices:

  • Running a special promotion (Injectables Day, Mommy Makeover Month, Free Consultations in June)
  • Celebrating office milestones such as an anniversary (5, 10, 20 years in business)
  • Participating in a lecture or panel
  • Offering a new service or product line
  • Seeing a remarkable demand for procedures, products, etc.
  • Launching or overhauling a practice website
  • Being interviewed via television, radio, web, etc.
  • Speculating on new industry trends
  • Community-building / charity involvement
  • Taking on a new doctor
  • Opening a new office
  • Winning an award


Medical Press Release Distribution

A good press release is well-written, perfectly formatted and created with Search Engine Optimization in mind. Don’t feel comfortable managing your own PR campaign? Let MyAdvice help. Find out more about Press Release Writing as part of your SEO package. Contact an MyAdvice representative today.

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