7 Tips To Boost Your Practice

The first few years of a start-up medical practice can be tough, especially if you’re a micro-practice with no staff. The job of managing your practice can be especially challenging. Here are seven ways to enhance your online presence that will help you manage day-to-day operational tasks more efficiently.

Strategies And Tools To Stay On Top Of Business


These  useful online tools can make daily operations smoother and less stressful.

  • Give patients the option to schedule online appointments. Online booking can save you significant phone time. You can initially guide patients in using the appointment system over the phone and expect them to take over soon enough.
  • Use a patient-interview software. Sign up with a good history-taking software  (some, like Instant Medical History, are available as monthly pay plans ) that your patients can use to input their history and details into their chart. Why hire a medical assistant when a cost-effective software can perform the same task reliably?
  • Improve communication with patient education. If you’ve been getting a lot of phone calls inquiring about your practice or seeking basic clinical information, create professional patient education resources to communicate the same to patients.
  • Send X-ray and laboratory results to patients via email or patient portal. Traditional snail mail is an expensive and lethargic patient communication solution while phone calls consume too much time. Emailing patients is quick, cheap and convenient. Implement a good document management software to attach lab orders, X-ray results and prescriptions to emails.
  • Use electronic billing. Electronic billing is fast, fixes rejections quickly and – unlike paper billing – offers proof of the date of submission as well as electronic remittance advice, which makes interactions with insurance companies less painful.
  • Use free tools to review your performance. There are many free online tools (How’s Your Health is a good one) offering assessment surveys on patients’ health status and the care/service you’ve delivered, and then present a summary to patients and you. A good tool can help you better identify patients’ needs while also measuring your performance.

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