What’s New At MyAdvice In January?

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Welcome to this month’s edition of What’s New? It’s kind of a newsletter and kind of a roundup full of things we know you’ll find interesting. From industry news to MyAdvice platform and feature updates, here’s what’s new and newsworthy in our world and yours.

Local Power reporting now includes an accuracy score and live listings view.

The two most important things you’re trying to improve in your local listings are your local accuracy score and your number of live listings. So, we’ve updated and streamlined Local Power dashboard so that it’s easier than ever to see what’s important – including these metrics and more. You’ll also find:

  • A list of all the sites your business is listed on with links to your profiles
  • A simplified overview report to show how visible your listings are – and how often people are engaging with them

New disconnection alerts for Google, Facebook, and Instagram

Disconnections happen – but restoring them quickly means you won’t miss out on connecting with your audience. We’ve designed an alert system for Google, Facebook, and Instagram within the MyAdvice platform to alert you when something goes wrong and help you quickly and easily reconnect. You now have access to:

  • Access to the connection management tool to provide diagnostics and resolution help within the Performance Center
  • Email alerts when connection issues are detected
  • Visual alerts within the Performance Center when you log in and a connection issue is detected

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