Facebook Adds Private Messaging for Business Pages

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Have you read your comments in the past and wished that there was a better way to communicate with individual customers via Facebook? Now you’ve got options!

Facebook recently made some changes to how Business Pages interact with their followers. While before you were subject to responding in the format that your customer initiated contact (cue hashing out customer service misunderstandings publicly), you have the choice to quietly transition to a private message.

You can reserve your Page for general conversation and move specific queries to messages.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the new Facebook features on your Business Page:

Send a private message from a comment – Did a customer post a comment specific to their service or product purchase? What about a misunderstanding that you’d like to remove from public view? Click the “Message” link next to the “Like” and “Reply” links beneath their comment to switch to private messaging. You’ll be able to sort through the nitty-gritty details under the radar.  

Facebook message link under a comment.  

Save responses to frequently asked questions – Are you worried about having enough time to personally respond to customers quickly? Facebook will allow you to save message content for responses to frequently asked questions. You’ll be able to edit the content before clicking send to specifically address each customer.

Earn a “Very responsive” label – This one might be tough to achieve if you don’t have someone at your office who’s dedicated to monitoring your Facebook Page. Businesses that respond to 90% of responses within an average of 5 minutes based on the past 7 days are label as “Very responsive.” Customers might be more likely to engage with your Page, but they’ll expect a speedy response. 

Facebook "Very responsive" label under a post.

Add a “Send Message” CTA on your local ads – If you’re paying for Facebook ads from your office, this feature is the one for you! Your Call-to-Action button can now read “Send Message.” So while some customers might not be ready to call your office, you’ll have a chance to develop a personal connection if they send a message. 

Facebook Send Message button under an ad.

Keep an eye out for these new features on your page within the coming weeks. We encourage you to monitor your comments. And if you feel so inclined, start sending messages when your customers reach out to you!

Photos courtesy of Facebook.

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