Where did my Google Local Reviews Go?

Over the past year, Google has worked to change local search, first by rolling out Google +Local to replace Google Places, then by allowing local businesses to merge their Google+ Local listing and social Google+ Business Page. This merge would allow businesses to control their presence from one platform. Reviews, social posts, physical location, etc. would all be visible on one profile. While this change was said to be the next big step for local & social search, many businesses are frustrated because they are once again losing the high-quality reviews that they worked hard to obtain. While there is not yet a simple solution or even a cut and dry explanation to this problem, Google recently shed some light for frustrated business owners, like you and SEOs like ourselves! Here are some answers to your questions

Where are my reviews?

While we wish there was a simple, straightforward answer, there could be quite a few reasons that your reviews have disappeared; here are a few popular reasons:

  • Reviews from third-party websites are no longer displayed on local Google+ pages.
  • Reviews with URLs in them are automatically marked as spam.
  • Reviews that violate Google’s Content Policy will be removed, this includes reviews by business owners or employees and reviews from your IP address, this means no review stations or kiosks at your practice!

Why can’t my patient leave a review?

We’re hearing from many doctors that their patients are leaving reviews and that they’re simply not showing up. One of the top reasons this is occurring is because your patient is not logged into a Google+ account.If they have a Gmail account, or a Google+ profile, ask them to log in before leaving the review. Their review should also adhere to Google’s Content Policy.

What can I do to fix this?

Unfortunately, there’s no concrete solution to this problem. Google has reassured business owner that this problem is being addressed and while it will take some time, the work they are putting in will significantly improve the reviews system.

For more information visit Google’s post.

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