Why are we making this change?
Recent years have seen a significant increase in the cost of processing checks and credit cards. ACH is a way for us to minimize costs and continue providing world-class service at reasonable prices.

Has credit card processing really gotten more expensive?
Yes, it has. The proliferation of rewards cards has increased the fees charged by credit card companies. Many vendors are making the move to stop taking credit cards or to add a credit card processing fee. By way of example, our local supermarket chain (Smith's, a division of publicly-traded Kroger Corp.) has ceased accepting Visa credit cards altogether due to high fees.

Can I still pay by credit card if I want to?
You can, but we will charge a 3% credit card processing fee for accounts that elect to continue to pay by credit card. There is no charge for payment by ACH, so we recommend switching.

Why is payment by check so inefficient?
In today's digital world, processing checks has become time-consuming and onerous relative to other forms of payment. Check payments require our staff to go to the PO Box, open envelopes, sort checks, process checks to our bank account, verify deposits are correct, and record payments in our accounting software. Each of these steps introduces the possibility of human error and takes significant time relative to electronic processing methods like ACH. With inflation in salaries and benefits, we have experienced in the last few years, the cost of processing checks has increased dramatically. That increased cost, combined with the possibility of manual error at many steps, makes the heightened accuracy and efficiency of ACH processing more relevant.

Can I still pay by check if I want to?
You can!  Please send them to MyAdvice, PO Box 208095, Dallas, TX 75320-8095

What if I don't want to pay the credit card or check processing fee?
You don't have to. Simply set up your payment with ACH and there will be no additional fee. ACH is a simple, secure, and tested method of payment. We have many clients who pay this way today and are very satisfied.

Will my bank information be secure?
MyAdvice will be using a service called Stripe to process both ACH and credit card payments. Stripe is the market and technology leader in the electronic payments industry and handles the financial activity behind such services as Google and Uber. They are also a PCI Service Provider Level 1, which is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

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