Four Popular Social Media Practices to Avoid

Social media channels provide doctors excellent marketing platforms , but there are some aspects that can be difficult to handle. You are being observed constantly and each one of your social media activities can affect your practice’s reputation, and therefore, growth. As a result, it is important to know and follow the dos and don’ts of social media, which are slightly different for doctors. Take a look at some common mistakes medical practices and doctors make on social media.

What Not to Do

  • Setting up an account on every social media site. Making use of social media means more exposure, but this does not mean you have to set up an account on every single social media site out there. Every account that you open needs to maintained regularly and multiple accounts will take up more of your time and efforts. Does your practice really need a Myspace account? Different social networking sites have different purposes. Choose the ones that can help you.
  • Posting for the sake of posting. You read somewhere that you have to post 3 times a day on Twitter. It is not that you shouldn’t do so but that you shouldn’t do so if you do not have anything interesting to share with your followers. The content you post must have relevant information, and your patients should find your posts useful. Post too many promotions and you will find that your followers won’t be very pleased with you.
  • Posting pictures without consideration. Yes, using images does improve engagement rates. However, the images must be relevant and as a doctor, you have to take a lot more care. You can’t post images of your patients undergoing treatment. Patient confidentiality should always be maintained.
  • Ignoring negative comments. You should never ignore or delete negative comments. It can spell disaster for your reputation. Respond to negative comments quickly and carefully.

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