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With the world of healthcare constantly changing, doctors are making patient care a top priority. One of the best ways for doctors to do this is to reach patients is through the internet. According to Texas-based medical software reviewer, Software Advice, patients from around the country are turning to the internet to find information about their doctors.

Further research yielded the following results:

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  1. Healthgrades is the most used online review site, although Yelp is more trusted. Healthgrades is most commonly used by patients, with a majority of users turning there first for information on doctors. Although Yelp is used less frequently than Healthgrades, it is still considered by users to be more trustworthy. Yelp, however, remains the “review site of choice” for adults who are under the age of 35. Online review sites are very comparable to social media channels- if your target demographic is using one site more than another, your best bet is to use the site your target is using. Like social media, an online review site must be consistently updated, and should contain only  relevant information.
  2. Patients usually turn to online reviews to find a new doctor. When it comes to researching new doctors, many patients turn to online communities to get feedback directly from other patients.  Patients especially turn to online reviews when they are looking for new doctors. Meanwhile, a smaller number of patients turn to online reviews to learn more about the doctor they have already chosen for an appointment, or to re-evaluate a previously chosen doctor. In the event of a negative review, a doctor addressing a negative review can also help keep their ratings high.
  3. Patients are very specific when it comes to looking for information online. Patients often seek very specific information online about a doctor, from their years of experience, to their office wait time. This information is especially attainable from an online review site, where patients make their voice heard. Keep in mind that some patients will not  since patients will not hold back on a review site. Everything will be on there-the good, bad, and the ugly. So, keep your patients (both new and old) in mind when you create an account where reviews will be shown.


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