Liven Up Your Social Media Accounts with Videos!

If you have your blog and social media account set up already – whether it’s Facebook, Google+, Twitter or all three – your next step is to make sure that you update with interesting, original and relevant content.

Videos offer the perfect solution, as the medium is highly sharable and growing increasingly popular. In fact, according to recent comScore data, online video views have exceeded 50 billion a month for the first time on record. This is a groundbreaking milestone, since it reflects that most online users frequently check out video content.

The key is to make videos that are short, simple to understand and engaging. This will gets more clicks and shares, as well as boost your online presence, which will get your practice’s or company’s name out there. Making a video may seem like an overwhelming or daunting task, but there are many apps that make it incredibly easy to make videos.

These apps even allow users to add filters and other special effects – and best of all, many of these apps are free or only cost a couple of dollars. To help you get started, here is a quick guide to using one of these free apps, Instagram, to make your first video:

  1. Get the right app. Download Instagram (or choose from other apps with video capabilities, such as Viddy, Mobli or Klip) onto your smartphone and set up an account. It’s important to do this as soon as possible in order to claim your practice’s name, and to link it to your other online accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Plan your video. Visitors of your practice’s or company’s’ website and other social media accounts enjoy seeing what’s going on behind the scenes at your office. Take advantage of Instagram’s 15 second time limit to create a quick tour of the office, or show a staff member talking about your current promotions and specials. Because Instagram videos are so short, they’re automatically to-the-point, precisely delivering your message.
  3. Share. After you’re done recording your video and have added optional effects such as filters, made sure to add relevant hashtags so that your video will show up for people who are searching those specific keywords. Make sure to post an abbreviated link (made using, for example) on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. You can even share the video on your Pinterest account!


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