PPC 101: What is PPC?

If you’ve been building a digital marketing strategy that’s running smoothly so far, it might be time to consider a pay-per-click campaign. PPC is the quickest way to boost conversions and return on investment for your business. Essentially, it’s the kick in the pants your overall strategy needs to get ahead of your competition, even more so than developing smart organic strategies.

But maybe you’ve heard the term tossed around amongst your colleagues, and you’re still a bit unclear about the details. What is PPC? How does it work? How does it benefit YOU? Here are the facts you need to know to get started with your digital marketing specialist:

Who? YOU. Your business. Our customer – you’re what it’s all about.

What? Paid ads that appear at the top of search results and in the right sidebar. They’re often designed for a specific service or promo. In fact, specific is great! You’ll get more qualified leads. As for the term pay-per-click, you’re only charged when users click on your ad. (Note: Be sure NOT to click on your own ad!)

Where? Google (most often). Bing and Yahoo are also possibilities. Ad positioning depends on the search engine, but rest assured that they’ll be front and center. We can even target specific devices, locations, and languages.

When? Upon a keyword search. Keep in mind that you’ll have a daily ad spend budget. Google spaces ad appearances based on the click frequency for your ad. The search engine wants ads to be available throughout each day without expiring early.

Why? To drive more traffic to your website! PPC is the only guaranteed way to make your website visible to potential customers who want your services. Plus, it’s more affordable than many other forms of marketing.

How? We’ll choose a headline to solicit attention, display URL to appear on the ad, destination URL to direct users to your website, and keywords, including broad match (general search terms), exact match (specific search terms), and negative match (excluded search terms). Then we’ll track the campaign progress to determine how much revenue is rolling into your business.

We love to help you make money and this is the way to make it happen! If you’re ready to invest in a PPC campaign, contact your Customer Success Coordinator.

Keep an eye on the blog for PPC 102: What to Expect from Your PPC Campaign on Thursday.

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