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Here's a list of available videos:

  • Cataract Overview (English & Spanish)
  • IOL Options with Toric Multifocal (English & Spanish)
  • Acrysof Toric (English & Spanish)
  • Acrysof Restor Multifocal (English & Spanish)
  • Acrysof Restor Multifocal Toric (English & Spanish)
  • Acrysof Restor with Activefocus (English & Spanish)
  • Monovision with IOLs (English & Spanish)
  • Cataract Surgery (English & Spanish)
  • 5Laser Cataract Surgery (English & Spanish)
  • Laser Cataract Surgery vs. Traditional (English & Spanish)
  • Cataract Surgery (Phaco)
  • Secondary Cataract (English & Spanish)
  • AcrySof IQ PanOptix IOL (English) - We are currently working on the Spanish version
  • AcrySof IQ PanOptix Toric IOL (English) - We are currently working on the Spanish version

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