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MyAdvice Self Managed Photo Gallery allows you to take full control of your website's photo gallery, from uploading to preparing the images then determining specific image categories and placement. CAUTION: Never use your patient's names when naming or describing cases. You may be in violation of HIPAA policies.

Creating and managing your photo gallery is a simple 10 step process as follows;

  • Step 1 Log into word press using your assigned user name and password.

  • Step 2 To the far left on your side bar locate and click the Gallery section.

  • **Note: Click here for 'Gallery Tutorial' including video.

Creating your categories (procedures).

  • Step 3 Under your gallery section click on the 'Procedures' tab and fill in your procedure information, for example we will use a Facelift case for this tutorial.

    • -Name: FACE
    • -Slug:
    • -Parent:
    • -Description:
    • - Click 'Add New Category'

  • Step 3b

    • -Name: Facelift
    • -Slug:
    • -Parent: FACE
    • -Description:
    • - Click 'Add New Category'

    If you notice Facelift is now a sub category of your Facelift procedure.
    **Note: At this point you may create all your categories and subcategories before moving to the next step.

Adding a case.

  • Step 4 To the far left on your side bar, click the 'Add New Case' tab and fill in your case information, for example: -Enter Title Here: Facelift

    **Note: It is very important that you name your case before you move on.

  • Step 5 Under Case Images click the grey box under Image Set.
    In the pop up window click 'Before Image' then in that new pop-up window select where your case images are, for example

    • -Click the 'From Computer' tab at the top
    • - Click 'Select files' button then locate the image on your computer and click 'Open'.
      Notice at this point you may upload all your case images.
    • - Once all your images are uploaded click 'Save All Changes'.
      Notice your images are now all saved to the 'Gallery' tab at the top.

  • Step 5a To the right click 'Show' next to the case image you want to add and the options will cascade.
    Under the image you may select 'Edit Image' to crop, rotate and or flip the image. Click 'Save' when the image is edited to your liking.

    • -Title: facelift
    • -Alternate Text:
    • -Caption:
    • -Description:
      You may leave the Alignment option as 'None'.
    • -Click 'Use this Image'

    Now you are back to that pop up window with your before image inserted. Simply adjust the image to fit in the window by using the zoom tool ( '-' and '+' buttons). You may also click and drag the image itself to position it correctly.

  • Step 6 Now click 'After Image' then in that new pop up window select where your case images are from the top tabs 'From Computer', 'From Url', 'Gallery' or 'Media Library'. We will select 'Gallery' as we uploaded all our images for this example in Step 5.


  • Step 6b Repeat Step 5a.


  • Step 7 Click 'Save'

  • Step 8 Fill in all your available case information then click 'Publish'. For example

  • -View: Front
  • -View Description: Mature Adult Females
  • -Case description: Patient required a rejuvenated look; to achieve this she underwent a facelift. Patient is completely satisfied with her results. .

Now you are done with this particular view of this case.

Adding additional views.

  • Step 9 To add additional views click 'Add New Image Set' and repeat Steps 5 - 7.

  • Step 10 Fill in all your available case information then click 'Update'. For example

  • -View: Side
  • -Case Description: Mature Adult Female Profile

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